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What should my Child Wear?

Please dress your children in clothing they can easily move in. T shirts /Shorts / Leggings / Tracksuit bottoms.

You can purchase and wear leotards and we have a range available at reception.

We advise against leotards for the younger participants as these can be tricky to get off when they go to the toilet.


Long hair should be tied up 


All Jewellery should be removed before the session . The gym can not take responsibility for any lost of stolen items 


How much does a session cost?

  • Monthly cost is £32.50 for a 45-minute Gymnastics session once a week 

  • Monthly cost is £34.00 for 55 minutes Parkour session once a week

  • Monthly cost is £39.00 for a 1.5 hour Session once a week 

  • Parkour drop in Sessions  £7.75 per session 

  • Stay and Play  Sessions £6.00 per session

  • Baby Sensory session £5.00 per session

  • SEN Session £5.00 per session

  • Adult Gymnastics session £10.00 per session

  • Adult 1.5 hour Parkour session £10.00 per session

  • Adult 2 hour Sunday Parkour session £12.50 per session

This is payable Monthly in advance of the class. You make payment by pre authorising a card on a PayPal account or setting up a direct debit.  Payments are Requested Monthly so you will pay up front for each month. This way you never miss a payment, and your child place is secure.

You can log in here to make payment.

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What does my child need to Bring to their session?

You need to send your child into the gym with the following items.

·        A drink in a sealed easy to open drinks bottle (NO FIZZY Drinks Please)

·        Their shoes and socks to put on at the end of their session.

·        ANY Medication they might require e.g., Inhaler / EpiPen – Please notify staff if your child has these items on them.


What do they do in each session?

Each class is tailored to the age group of the participants and the coaches work with the gymnasts on a variety of Skills based around floor and apparatus work.

Periodically the Coaches will test the participants on Pre determined skills for their British Gymnastics Badge awards.


Are the coaches insured?

All the coaches are insured not only by British Gymnastics also by the centre’s Public liability Insurance, in conjunction with this all coaches have the following Qualifications.

·        DBS

·        Safeguarding and protecting Children

There is also always a registered First aider on Site and we have Several Welfare Officers registered for the centre.

How does my child achieve a medal and certificate?

Medals are an award scheme set out by British Gymnastics. They have set skills on that the participant needs to demonstrate to achieve the certificate.

See notice board at the gymnastics centre for examples.

The coaches work on these skills throughout the classes and periodically they will assess the Participants.

Once your child has achieved a medal and certificate, we will send you an email to make payment for it. These are £6.00 per certificate and medal.


How do I report Non-Attendance?

Please let us know as soon as possible if you child cannot make their class.

Please email  or you can call 0117 3773420.


Do your classes carry on during the Holidays?


Yes, all our Evening Classes carry on throughout the Half term.

Our classes do stop during the summer holidays in August but drop in sessions are offered.

We close for 1 week during the Summer and at Christmas and we will adjust the fees accordingly.

Can we still join your classes after the course has started?


As long as there is space on the course then yes you can still join. If there is no space then we will be happy to place you on a waiting list for the course. 

We recommend you calling in advance to check availability on your required course 


Can parents watch?


We have a Café area which has viewing windows of the main floor and  main gym area. Parents can sit in the café and watch from there. 

Parents are not permitted into the gym area unless they are participating in a parent and toddler session. 


What is your ratio of children to coaches?


Recreational classes = 1 qualified coach to 16 gymnasts

Pre School Classes  = 1 qualified Coach to 8 gymnastics


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